Kathleen Calwell during our setup afternoon

On Tuesday, April 20, several of our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group met to mount eighteen pieces of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and scale on the walls of the Textile Center Community Gallery.  When we first laid them out on the floor the goal of displaying each piece to its best advantage seemed daunting.  Too much visual stimulus, too many opinions.  How would we get to the other side of this task?  We found one pair of weavings that worked together,  and other groupings fell into place.  Like filling in crucial words in a crossword puzzle, the remainder of the task got easier, though there were still challenges to finishing it successfully.  Hours later, the result was beautiful.  Many people helped, including Ann Haushild, Mary Litsheim, and Claire Caughey Most.  Sheryl Schwyhart from the Textile Center gave us great advice, and Margaret Miller helped place Sara Williams’ six-foot rug on a prominent upper wall using a pulley system.  Special thanks are due to Kathleen Caldwell and Sara Williams who didn’t stop for one minute all afternoon.

Please visit Scandinavian Boundweave: Timeless Tradition. The show is rich in color and pattern and variety.  A great time to visit would be Saturday morning, April 24, from 10-2.  Coffee and cookies will be served!

Robbie LaFleur Moore