While shopping one day, Sara Williams was enchanted by several autumn-colored cotton fabrics.   She loaded six bolts in her cart, three solid colors and three plaids.  They are now in a six-foot long rosepath rug.  Two details are shown here.  It’s so interesting to see how the plaids lose their plaid-ness, but add richness and depth to the colors in the rug.

Sara planned two rugs, the first one using solids as the background and the plaids as the pattern elements, and the second rug using plaid for the background and solids for the patterns.  How different would they be?  Her hard lesson learned?  Be sure to buy enough fabric to start!  Despite looking for more at several fabric stores, one fabric color is gone.

The second rug will no doubt be beautiful.  Come to think about it, doesn’t this happen with projects all the time – the weaving in the end is not the one you first envisioned?